Company Overview

HUNESION has strived to reach its customers with better service.


HUNESION is a company that specializes in IT security
solutions to create network-based information security software.


HUNESION consists of warm-hearted people who have a passion and sheer tenacity rather than impressive qualifications and natural talents. We have been helping one another to fulfill our dreams for tomorrow under the value, “People are our greatest asset and competitiveness.”


HUNESION develops and supplies network-based information security solutions. We will always listen to the customer and market expectations. To create value for our customers, we will make solutions that are essential for the world by adding our accumulated trust and know-how to our modesty that have been kept from the beginning.


We are committed to helping our customers using HUNESION solutions, our business partners, our employees and their families be happy. We HUNESION will become a healthy company that doesn’t focus on seeking immediate gains impatiently but follows gradual steps to share happiness for a long time.