Secure Data Transmission Solution

Product Info

i-oneNet is Secure Data Transmission Solution that provides service linkage between servers located on separate networks and file transfer between user PCs in a separated network environment.
The HUNESION protocol and the NIS-verified cipher module are used to enhance security and ensure data reliability in data association and file transmission.

Key Features & Functions

Fast Transmission Speed

It provides secure and excellent transmission speed by using its dedicated protocol, and it provides a communication environment without traffic collision through the unidirectional communication function of 3 channels (dedicated Inbound, Outbound and Control communication).

Various Service Controls and Flexibility

It supports TCP and UDP protocols and provides connection services for application protocols such as http(s), My SQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, FTP, SSH , etc. It also provides user convenience with file transfer in a WEB GUI environment.

Secure Channel Connection

It completely blocks channels that try to connect from non-security area (Internet) to security area (Intranet), and it provides a secure data transmission environment by communication relay using the encryption module verified by the National Intelligence Service (NIS).

Malware Scanning using Multi-Antivirus Engine

When the server-to-server service connection and the file transfer between user PCs are performed, the multi-antivirus engine is used for malware scanning to enhance the security of the intranet.


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