System access control and account management solution

Product Info

It unifies access paths to the internal computer system to provide various functions for internal system security such as system access level-specific control, job monitoring and auditing, system account and password management, etc.
NGS helps prevent personal information leakage and internal security and maximize the stability and availability of system operation by providing quick post-processing and recovery measures in the event of a disaster.

Key Features & Functions

Minimal Change

It uses an agent-less method to minimize the system change and allows you to use a commercial access program (ex. development tool, DB connection tool) as it is to ensure its convenient user operation environment.

Enhanced Authentication

It strengthens internal · external user authentication with 2-factor authentication(2FA) using additional authentication factor (SMS, e-mail, OTP, certificate, identification, etc.) in addition to ID/PW.

Efficient management

It can quickly and easily respond to violations with its real-time monitoring system using dashboard and session blocking & administrator notification system (e-mail, SMS) for policy violations.

Reliable usability

It supports software-based duplexing which does not require a separate device, ensuring the stability of its use.

Access Control

It unifies all remote access paths to the internal computer system and improves system security with powerful access control based on various conditions such as users, privileges and so on.

Account Management

It enhances user identity authentication by using group/privilege-specific account management for system and DBMS users, and it also enhances user convenience and security with password management using scheduling.

Command Control

It prevents unforeseen risk situations with Black/Whitelist-based real-time command control.

Work History Saving & Auditing

It stores access and operation logs to track user activities related to system connection, and its video and command audit functions make it easy to trace the cause of a failure.


It is convenient to utilize a monthly/periodic work history report including system access count, violations, etc.


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