CCTV Password Management Solution

Product Info

It is an integrated solution that supports more convenient and safer CCTV password management with the following functions: password change management, backup, audit, monitoring, etc. It applies a password security policy set by an authorized administrator to provide a strong security environment and to securely protect personal information in video data processing devices.

Key Features & Functions

High Security

It secures the reliability of password encryption by applying the proven NIS-verified cipher module (KLIB) and keeps strong security by encrypting and storing passwords.

Verified Interworking

It supports integrated auto CCTV registration and password management by interworking with various VMS / NVR products (INNODEP, REALHUB, MILESTONE, INCON, GENETEC, INNOWATCH, DANUSYS etc.) and provides verification functions for applying the identical new password when changing a password.

Enhanced Authentication

Enhanced Authentication
To confirm the password and one-time maintenance account issued from the admin page, it supports 2-factor authentication using email, SMS, etc.

Secure Backup

It securely backs up passwords to external storage device (USB, etc.) in real time so that it makes it password backup/recovery possible even in case of a system failure.

Automatic Password Change in Batch Mode

It automatically performs periodic individual/group-specific CCTV password change in batch mode according to password generation rule policies (number of characters, combination rules, change cycle, etc.).

Password Change Verification

It supports password change verification to remove the errors in changing a password. Even if an error occurs during password change, it ensures security by performing the password change verification process again when it is restarted.

One-time Maintenance Management Account Issuance

It provides a one-time maintenance management account for maintenance personnel with administrator’s approval, and provides various convenience functions such as status inquiry and automatic termination at expiration, extension of term, withdrawal, etc.

Issuance History Saving & Auditing

It stores all password issuance logs to track a history of password change and maintenance management account issuance, and provides various audit functions for each item such as CCTV, date, and processing status.

Real-Time Monitoring & Statistics

It provides real-time monitoring system through dashboard, user-friendly functions for password change and maintenance management account issuance, such as periodic (daily / monthly/ yearly) statistics and reporting, export (Excel, etc.).


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