Enterprise Mobile Device Management Solution

Product Info

MoBiCa is an integrated mobile device management solution that addresses various issues (e.g. security threats, device management, and user convenience) arising from work using mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets). This is because the scope of work environment has been expanding from desktops to mobile devices.
It supports a mobile office environment where mobile devices are used for business and provides customized mobile security policies and mobile device management plans for individuals and groups to improve the internal security level of an enterprise.

Key Features & Functions

Easy to use

It is easy to manage and apply policies with its centralized integrated management, and it also improves mobile business by enhancing authentication and security when working with a mobile office.

Secure Business Processing

It detects the rooting of each device, prevents the risk of abnormal access and leakage, and blocks unauthorized APs to prevent data sniffing (data eavesdropping on the network).

Group-Specific Management

It supports functions such as setting privilege-specific functions usable, policy group management, department/individual-specific policy application to implement mobile security policy according to the purpose and intention of each institution.

User Protection

The function control of the device hardware resources (camera, recording, etc.) does not invade the privacy of the user since it supports ON/OFF setting not to store or monitor the private data such as personal photos, videos, etc.

User Convenience

When activating the agent, controllable functions and Apps are set to OFF instead of deletion. The user can conveniently use them again when the agent is shut down (logout, leaving).

Application Management

It is a white-list-based App management solution that downloads executable process lists from the management system and controls the execution of unauthorized apps and apps without their security authentication codes.

Hardware Function Control

It controls the hardware resources (camera, screen capture, etc.) of mobile devices according to the policy set by the administrator to prevent internal data leaks.

Screen Capture Prevention

It supports the function of preventing smartphone screen capture such as work screen in corporate mobile office to prevent unauthorized data leaks.

Data Protection in case of Loss

It provides real-time monitoring system through dashboard, user-friendly functions for password change and maintenance management account issuance, such as periodic (daily / monthly/ yearly) statistics and reporting, export (Excel, etc.).


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