Visit and Safety work Management Solution

Product Info

ViSiCa is a solution that establishes visit-specific and purpose-specific visit processes and provides privilege-specific visit management functions for approvers, security guards/guides and system administrators in order to respond to potential security and safety threats resulting from outsider visits.
Workplaces that include hazardous risky work that are highly likely to cause industrial accidents build a safe working environment by applying additional safety work clearance processes.
It establishes a safe working environment by applying an additional safety work clearance process to a workplace involving hazardous risky work that is likely to cause industrial accidents.

Key Features & Functions

Convenient Visit Application

Its implementation follows a responsive web design and supports multiscreen displays so that you can easily apply for a visit from anywhere on a PC/Mobile Web browser.

Visit Type-Specific Approval process

It is possible to establish each visit process for different types of visit with different information and security conditions, such as general visit, work visit, etc.

Approval Status Sharing

All personnel involved in a specific visit / task, such as the person to be visited (employee), the person in charge of access, the person in charge of construction, etc., can share the status of their visit and job approval.

Smartphone Camera Controlling

It works with MoBiCa, an integrated mobile device management solution, to control smartphone cameras when visiting in-house to prevent industrial technology and confidential document shooting.

Prior Approval

It blocks unauthorized visits in advance and provides the membership, visit application and approval processes to enhance visitor identity verification.

Carry-In/Out Item Management

It can be used as an industrial confidentiality / technology release tool, or it can be used to establish standards for goods that are against security standards and to confirm the carry-in/out and approval history.

Checking compliance with security standards

It provides security pledges, security training (video) management and completion history for visitor notice or worker safety tips for corporate security standards.

Visit History Management

Since it computerizes the visit records managed manually and offline, it is possible to support long-term storage without the influence of natural disasters and to search and systematically manage visit status/approval history.

Issuance of a safety work permit

It provides safety work permit management and work check function for construction worker, supervisor, etc. to protect workers and safety accidents that perform fire work and chemical handling work.


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